TaifunAlarm extension, alarm already has been set

When i download the apk and open the app, my sleep tracker can't function well. Whatever number i typed, i received "wake up at 12.00am".

Do anybody know how to solve this?

It says permission denial when i use it at the mit app inventor on the web .

Show your blocks.

And read this:

These are my blocks. I have searched for similar issues and it says install apk to fix the issues. But im still not able to fix the issue. The issue is its not able to function well as when we put the timing for the sleep tracker, it will automatically set to 12.00am instead of the timing stated.

In your AfterTimeSet event you set the alarm time to 00:00... so each time you set a new time, you set again the alarm to 00:00... is this what you want? therefore each time you get the message, that the alarm already has been set... hope that helps...


For example, i have set the alarm to 5am but the result is as the picture above which 00.00am. Is the coding blocks the issue of this?


means, you are setting the alarm to 00:00

Try the example project from my webpage and delete all previously set alarms before using it