Date in app is effected by the locale language of the phone

The app is being used by phones set in different languages but the date is being changed to that language as well.
As I am sending this data to a database it can not be changing is there any way to force the date to stay in the English pattern locale. The date format is YYYY-MM-dd example (2021-05-31)

Welcome to the community. You can use Clock component and format date block

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Using the format I can not change the locale or the language of the date. I used it to set the pattern but its still in the wrong language

Maybe you can show the blocks you tried, with an example.

and please advise on the locale/language used that causes this issue.

Arabic was used as a locale

I ended up translating the date then sending it to the database instead.

Please explain precisely where the problem is based on an example.

I want to understand. As Lucius Annaeus Seneca has already taught us (2,000 years ago), learning is arduous and difficult, but easy by examples.

So post your blocks and also read this.

So sorry that you do not want to learn!
Now, if a phone in some other language tries to use your phone, it would not work again, while there are certainly solutions for your problem.
Your choice.