Mantener sesion iniciada con TinyDB

Hello, I have an application with 4 screens, one is where you choose whether to log in or register another where you log in, another where you register and the last one is the start after having logged in.
What I want to do is that despite completely closing the application, it is at the time of opening it, if the user logged in before closing it, it will be sent to the start, if not, it will send you to the screen where you choose what to do.

I am using TinyDB and at the moment as a test I am only using a required field to be able to login. I am new to programming, if you could correct me on the following I would also be very grateful.

My start selection blocks

My login blocks:

My log blocks:

After having logged in:

Can you please translate the blocks to english?
See here:How to ask a question (open new topic)

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