Can i play mp3 music file from google drive link in my apps?

hi there
i trying to build music player apps and do not to put mp3 file in my apps, so i tried to call mp3 file from google drive link. Would you be so kind to show the blocks editor must be set?
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  • Put the sound.mp3 into the assets and play it from there or
  • upload the sound to Google Drive and play it via direct link from there or

ah thank you so much

it still can not play file from my google drive

Use direct link:

See also here, point 3:

sorry for asking again
so this is my google drive link :

and then i should change in to these?

thx for your help

No, only the id at the end.

this link :
only order to download in to our device
can i just play the file without download it first?

thx so much

As I said, play it from the assets.

This might work:

Try in your browser first....

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I misunderstood. You can play the sound directly from this link (no download before).

Try this: playerTest.aia (171.6 KB)

Or set the Player.Source to sound.mp3 (loop.ogg in my example) and play the sound from there,

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Thx u so much for your help
since my link from google drive already working ( thx to TMA12)

next i want to use list view to call them

these is my blocks :

and when i try in android phone, its error like this

this is my aia file
player.aia (223.4 KB)

please advice whats is wrong

thx u so much

You canot load a list into Player1.Source, you have to load one at a time


please give example what should i do sir

See the jukebox example at the bottom of this page - it uses local files but the principle is the same

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the juxebox.aia download link is not avaliable any more

It is


Also a simple approach is shown below


thx u so much !!!!

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