Space ın textbox

hello i want to ask a question
i did a textbox and i want to do a thing
When the user enters a number or lettres in textbox ,example if he entered a email and left spaces , exaxtly it will not work because it is a email or password and i want to do this ,
When the user enters a number or lettres in textbox ,all space between lettres automatically will wipe , when he write any space without a button to press ö only ın text box

Welcome to community. You could use @Taifun 's texbox extension


Br i did it but it give me a error! Why

@moemen: I tried this one where a label gets the result (text without spaces):

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa (1).aia (6.7 KB)

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Look again my blocks and replace TaifunTextbox1


with TextBox1

Application didn't accept
It means normal textbox didn't connect with block

Maybe developers developed it new

Try this

textbox_test.aia (19.2 KB)

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Br look to error in first photo, everything when i am writing it is wiping, i got out from application ve look at second photo, it didn't stop even after going out from application :sweat_smile:
Thank for your help anyway :heart: but who i want a text box to write, when user is writing a email and he left spaces it will go and all words will connect

Try the aia I provided :slight_smile:


@moemen yes, sorry, I chose the wrong pic, anyway It must be the Label that gets the text, not the textbox itself

@moemen See here.

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Aia file didn't accept

Are you trying to import an aia file as extension? Go to Projects - Import Project(.aia) from my computer



And don't post any camera shots from the computer screen. Follow my guide.
Use e.g. the Snipping tool (Windows).

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thank you br :heart_eyes:

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