How do you get simple data from Local web server created by esp8266?

I've looked high and low and worded my searches every way possible and cannot figure out how to get / read data from a local web server that was created by an Arduino ESP8266. The web server is super simple and only displays two lines of text. I just want to be able to read one of those lines and display it in the app.

If you could just point me towards a tutorial on getting the information from my local web server that would be awesome.

Everything I keep finding is for HTTP related or msq etc... I don't want to write anything to the webserver all I want to do is read one line of text.!

Here is the Arduino sketch used to create the local web server -

see this exampple


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See the Arduino and WiFi section of FAQ
for esp8266 samples.

It does not look like you read the linked thread... it does not use any extension ...
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