Implementing cancellation of the next Batch on MIT

I am currently working on developing a mobile application that would be sending multiple(Bulk) messages at a time. I then would like an assistance on how should I implement the cancellation of the next batch

You need to design in some flow control, where the batch receiver sends feedback to the batch sender like "got batch number n" or "I'm full, please stop" or "who are you and why are you bothering me?".

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Okay thanks I will try this out

OR, you may add a footnote with your message, saying, to unsubscribe reply stop. And, with this reply you can construct your cancellation logic.

Note: you might be haiving a low cost bulk SMS plan, but receiver might have to pay for the reply message.

Correction: You are talking message in general, it could have been email,SMS or other form also, but I read it as SMS only.

Sorry, I mean SMS not in SMS general. And thanks in advance for assistance