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When there are more than 6000 blocks, you cannot open the project, "the server writes does not respond."

I decided to download the data for one month, (the data will be updated every month), but I don’t know how to do it yet. This will be firebase. blocks 150. and data 150. how can i implement this? if you create 150 firebases, then the project will not be able to open ... I'm already confused

6000!!!!! That's too much...!!! You should really spend some serious time on optimising and generalising blocks than to create a whole lot of 6000+ blocks

Why do you need 150 firebases? 1 should be enough.

Hmm...!? I'm sorry but I can't understand it. Maybe you should explain the idea more clearly and elaborately.

Even me...

PS: I see you are a non-English speaker and using a translator which could be the reason for unclear explanation. Also you can use your native language in the forum as we already have a translator feature on the forum.

For the server error, had your session timed out?
For everything else:

Its not too much. I have worked with more than 8000+ blocks in the past.

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Хм...!? Мне очень жаль, но я не могу этого понять. Может быть, вам следует объяснить эту идею более ясно и подробно.

30 days in a month 150 blocks with time. time is new every day, so 150 blocks are needed.

the program will run in the background, and notify when the time comes on a particular day

one firebase will probably not be enough. I still can't figure out how to implement this. you also need to save the downloaded data TinyDB. mission is not feasible)

Not sure what firebase has to do with this ? Regardless, it can easily handle all that data if you get your structure correct. (What spreadsheet are you using to store data ?)

You should be able to loop of variable from a list and reuse just the first set of blocks that set the alarm, reducing that part to just 13 blocks.

this is a screenshot of the site. Ламазан хенаш (время намаза) - Грозный, Январь -
I think to use firebase

I am ready to pay if you make me an AIA file with example blocks. loading data from firebase into the application every month, and saved to TinyDB