Please, help me (take pictures with camera programmatically)

I want to create an application where I can automatically take pictures and save the camera every 2 seconds. If you call the camera and take a picture, you have to press the Try again and OK buttons, so you have to use the application manually. I want to change this so that I can take pictures automatically. Please help me.blocks

Welcome to the community. Please make your question a little bit more clear...

Welcome to community. In order to take a picture programmatically without user interaction you have to use @Taifun 's Camera extension .


did ypi find a solution for your problem. if yes can you help me

You have to use a paid extension.

it is free ?

Costs 12 USD! Please read Taifun's webpage.

Possible Java code android take picture automatically java - Google Search . to create your own extension.

If you do not want to pay for an existing extension, create your own extension. Is that worth the time to do it on your own? And do you have the skills? There is not a way to do it only with Blocks.