How convert to python

how convert .aia file to python?


There isn't really a sensible way to automate a conversion between the two - they are just sooo different. However, since you have designed your App in App Inventor, you know how the GUI should be and should be able to pick your way through the code Blocks to make equivalent Python code by hand.

.....but why? If you have your App defined in App Inventor already?

For me, the reason would be creating an IOS-based not just an android based app..


You can use Thunkable X, at Thunkable Classic is a clone of App Inventor, which only supports Android. But this new Thunkable X can be used for Android and iOS, but the blocks is totally different from AI2, which has no relation with AI2.


You can now use App Inventor to create iOS Apps. It's still early days, but take a look.


is it possible with a VM on Windows to work with that Version?

can anyone recommend a good VM here?

For me, I need it for a Create task for College Board.

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Hi @ChrisWard can you please tell me how i didn't find an option to export or build to (ipa) file ?

Chris means that now, you can test apps with the AI companion on iOS, but you will still be not able to build your app on iOS. If you had searched the forum for this, you will have tons of answers.

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