Read and update from .csv file

Hai Friends please help me to solve this
when I enter Roll no and press Read Btn it should display corresponding data of that student in
the tex box below from a data base (.csv file) and the changes will update in the data base .

Please show your relevant blocks

  • Where does the .csv file come from and where is it stored?
  • Do you get an error message? If so, which (post a screenshot)?
  • Which Android version are you testing on?
  • Do you test with Companion or the APK or both?

Also see here:

Consider using the new AI2 Google Sheets component for your data base.

Can you post an aia example ?

I don't have any easy examples yet. Sorry

Actually I have a data of my students in excel format. I just converted that excel file to. csv file and use in app
When I enter roll no of a student I need to get details of that student from my .csv file
Not: I don't want connect my app to web

If your csv file is in your assets (media folder) then it will be read only.

You will need to copy it to your ASD or similar folder with read/write in order to update it.
(Might be easier to read the file from assets then save it out to your ASD....)

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