I can't find files in my phone after Camera TakePicture

I read several problems and solutions about this but no way for me to get a file in mobile. I have Andorid 12 version, Redmi note 9 pro. I know there is a problem by several months with Camera. Can you please help me? Thanks

show your code here.

and what problem is that ?

If you take a picture using your device's default camera app, where is the file saved ?

That's the point. There are no pictures there. Maybe I don't use Camera properly.

Show your blocks.

The code is ok, everything work except tha I cannot get the file in mobile. When I use app it ask me to take picture after SI button, I take picture, I press the OK on the screen to confirm picture but then I cannot finf the picture, it's nowhere.

what the Label1 show?

The picture is saved in the ASD, which is not visible on Android 11+.
Connect your device to your computer via USB and you can see it.

There is not that code in mine. It a question you ask me? Maybe it will show the path of the picture in the mobile fylesystem?

So is it sufficient to say to the android system to save the pictures in internal memory?

Something like this:


Ah ok sorry... i will try and let you know

Thankyou so much! I find that the directory was different with respect the one I read in some posts. Pictures are in file:///storage/emulated/0/Android/data/appinventor.ai_...etc etc instead of
edu.mit.appinventor.aicompanion3 as I expected. I din't know I could find the path by using get.image in a label or textbox. Thank you so much for your patience.

Try this (move the image to one of the Shared folder (that are visible on all Androd versions).

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