Is it possible to see images from the spreadsheet google?

I already got help from the forum and now I still need it!
I wanted to use this spreadsheet project which works fine with text and numbers, but I don't know how to show the images of column "c" from the app when I press search
Could I have suggestions?


images.aia (964.3 KB) link spreadsheet.txt (100 Bytes)

Which project ?
Show the "images" in column C ?
Where are the images stored?
Do you want to display them one by one or all at the same time ?


You will need to provide more details and information about what you are trying to achieve...

OK done ! Thanks!

They are not images or links to images, but char() characters (can't see/access them in your view only sheet)
I do not think this will not work...

in column c of the spreadsheet there are images

OK, how are these "images" entered into the cells / where are they from ? I made a copy of the sheet, if i try to edit the cell i get a blank.

they come from my computer and I insert them in the cell through the menu insert image of the spresdsheet

Do you think it is not possible to do?

OK I see.

This will not work. Google Sheets stores images to cell in a different way and there is no "file" available.
You will need to upload your computer images to google drive and link to the files there, so that the file can be downloaded to the app, or the url is available to display the image online.

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I put the link in the cell but in the app I see the link and not the image

Maybe I should use Webviever in the app?

For example
You have an image file on your google drive that anyone can view. If you right click on the file at "GetLink", you will get this:

you need to change the url as below.

you will need this in your cell to show the image:


and this as a url to access the file from the app (place in the next cell)

now I try Thanks TIM

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I modified the link as you told me and pasted it in the sheet in C3, from the app but I don't see the image sorrylink image modify.txt (178 Bytes)

Does "image" need to be in French (en francais) ? for your spreadsheet locale ?

No no why?

Can't see any other reason why the image is not showing in the sheet....

No in the sheet you see it is from the app that I do not see it

This is odd, it is not working for me either now. Sometimes the image will show on startup, but then disappears. I see that others have the same issue.

If you need to view the image on the sheet, maybe you need to use your previous method, but you will need the cell with the url in order to see the image in your app.