FAQ Section: Companion and Emulator


Your First App Testing - MIT

Breaking News:

Feb 19, 2024 nb196 needs Companion 2.70 or 2.70u side load

Prior versions

Dec 1 2023 nb195b needs Companion 2.69 or 2.69u side load

Sep 4 2023 nb194b needs Companion 2.68 or 2.68u side load

June 19 2023 nb193 needs Companion 2.67 or 2.67u side load

Feb 17 2023 nb191 needs Companion 2.66 or 2.66u side load

Sep 22 2022 nb190 needs Companion 2.65 or 2.65u side load

Sep 2022 open beta emulator

June 2022 - Companion 2.63 PlayStore rollout hiccup - ewpatton

March 2022 - Please test Companion under https - Hal

Sept 2021 - Chrome 94 broke access to aiStarter

March 2021 - Chrome 89 broke Companion Connections - Fixed. - jis

Usage Techniques

Check the MIT Rendezvous server status - JIS

MIT AIStarter (Connect->Emulator) Companion Update Videos 2024

Connecting to MIT App Inventor Emulator and Updating Companion - YouTube 2016 (obsolete)

Screen switching limitations in the Companion and Emulator - @Taifun

Switching to Landscape in the Emulator Ctrl-F11- Juan Antonio

How to use Logcat

Texting between multiple emulators - ewpatton

Other Emulators

Google Play Games emulator for Windows Beta (unusable for AI2, don't bother - ABG) - March 2024

Notes for Windows 11 Home users unable to install emulators - @ABG

Appetize.io - Online emulator, runs .apk in your browser



Android Studio emulator with AI2

Microsoft's free Visual Studio Android emulator

Ad Supported emulators - Beware virus warnings

MemuPlay based Companion Download and startup videos - ABG

MemuPlay emulator setup and Companion startup (videos no longer work) - Italo, ABG

Light Weight emulator: Nox - AnirbanDev

MIT's 2021 beta version of their emulator

Use androidx86 as an emulator for AI2 - TIMAI2

School network setup for AI2 - SteveJG, MIT

Improved emulator setup - Troy Kozee

AI2 Silent Install Flags

There is a way to tell the emulator to use an http proxy - jis

How to reduce emulator profile sizes - @ewpatton


Apple Silicon Macs - @ewpatton

Chromebooks - MIT

Chromebook Companion setup - ewpatton

Ubuntu 10.04 instructions - SteveJG

Installing and using companion using only a tablet - @Dominique_Quevy



Companion App: install from unknown sources not working anymore - ewpatton

Delete Companion Files - Anke, TimAI2

How to Manually Update the Companion in the Emulator (when self-update fails) - Yong_Tang

Emulator.apk file Not Found Exception (ESET Antivirus)

Companion is using many UDP Ports on WebRTC connection

Companion Versions 2.53 vs 2.53u usage and improvements

Companion .apk link to MIT

Companion changes December 2018 - MIT

Emergency Companion 2.47 download link

Emulator get stuck

Emulator locked with passcode

Galaxy S7 USB connection needs RNDIS (USB-Ethernet) (not MTP) developer settings - TFO

How to run apk on Chrome with ARCWelder - Obsolete, Chrome dropped Apps.

[MIT AI2 Companion: NW.js + ARChon + Emulator.apk (windows) - Yong_Tang

URI is not absolute trying to read a Media //filename

Where to get the Emulator - Windows

YouTube video on Emulator Fix from Task Manager

Dead links

Debugging issues in running the App Inventor Setup Tools and the emulator on Windows (HAL)