Installing and using companion using only a tablet

Context : you want to learn programming with MIT app inventor and see, in real time, your modifications. But you only dispose of a tablet in supervision of a teacher or a parent, so no computer and no mobile phone.

Step 1: The easiest way: install and start the companion on your tablet

  • install the mobile companion from app. store
  • start this companion
  • open your web browser with the MIT app inventor web application url/links
  • login with your account
  • change view to computer mode (not default mobile one)

Step 2: get web browser app and mobile companion app on the same view/screen

  • show the 2 applications on your tablet (side by side) with the tablet built in screen splitter

Step 3: open or create a new application, or open a tutorial within the web browser application

Step 4 : see your application live within the mobile app companion

  • on your web browser application, touch the connect menu
  • choose companion
  • copy the 6 digits
  • go on companion
  • fill it with the 6 digits
  • touch the connect with code button
  • be patient, your application is loading ...

Step 5 to ... : and tadam you enjoy of everything without any frustration :blush:

Kindest Regards.


I'm sorry, I'm just trying to prevent spam, what are you discussing about? A problem? A guide?

Only a basic guide for school teachers and all children willing to learn programming from their tablet. No computer, no phone ... only a tablet at disposal, controlled by teacher or parents.

Alright, could you please format your topic by clicking the three dots and the Edit icon?


You should format your steps this way:

  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
  3. Step 3


Have a nice day, take care.

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