How to Update the Companion on the MIT AIStarter (Connect->Emulator) emulator

I did some experimenting with AIStarter, and made a couple of videos on how to replace the Companion on the MIT emulator with the current version.

To check the Companion version on the MIT emulator:
AIStarter Companion Version Check

To get the latest Companion onto your hard drive:

I like to keep them by version:

This assumes you have already downloaded the latest MITAI2Companion.apk to your hard drive's Downloads folder, to shorten the videos to fit this board's upload size limits.

Deinstalling the old Companion:
AIStarter Companion DeInstall

After deinstalling the old Companion, leave the MIT emulator running at its home screen for the next step, installing the new Companion.

Installing the new Companion:
AIStarter Companion ReInstall

It still crashes with an error saying:
Cannot copy requested file to emulator.

Should I send a video/screenshot?

From what I saw in tests I did.
It depends on which application you connect the emulator with.
In some it works fine, in some it shows nothing but a white screen.
I'm guessing some extensions these apps have, are causing this white screen problem.

Yes, please

I see from your screen shot you are using the old emulator, which has an old Android version unable to support more modern features.

Get a more recent emulator.

Is there a link to do this?
I upgraded as the instructions say and lo and behold... success


Thats not my screenshot by the way

Looks like you're not using the latest version of aiStarter.
When did you install it?

I installed it yesterday and the problem is still here.

how about using Android Studio's emulator? I use that and it works faster.
Create an AVD there and choose android version 12 or 13 with Play Store or not if you want to install it manually.

Start the AVD first and then start aiStarter. Then try to connect with the Emulator option in AI2. If aiStarter shows:

Found emulator at emulator:5554

After 3 lines(Approximate)
Then it should be connected.
If not, restart aiStarter until it finds it.

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