[CRITICAL] RE: FAQ Section: Companion and Emulator

MemuPlay has a virus, and I got blamed for it, please remove it from the FAQ list...



Also NoxPlayer



Even if they don't transmit malware, we still need to warn users for safety and security purposes...

BlueStacks so far ok. Now if that also has virus, only option is either the old aiStarter or Android Studio (does not run well on low-end hardware) or android x86...

I have put it under a warning header, pending further investigation (and my breakfast and my morning pills.)

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Alright! Also do noxplayer, because again in the future I will be blamed for providing these, Also need to mention that MIT has no responsibility over these.

Some more evidence from the blames:

I made this a public topic, to make it available to the other Power Users and any one else who wants to chime in.

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Alright! Thats good...

There is another emulator option, LDPlayer. Unfortunately this also contains malware, I am not sure in this case, because the inputs in the research are contradictory and not accurate.


Main virus report analogy:

https://www.ldplayer.net/ (I have put this just in case though)

My guess is that these are probably all false positives.

Regardless, switch to linux as an OS, and use Genymotion for an emulator.

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But I am still confused as to how the member I mentioned freeze their pc after installing it and even after uninstalling it it still appears and I get blamed...,

Also I use Linux Mint now, but that person does not and definitely doesnt want to change their os to Linux.

@palaiologouiason What do you have to say about this now? Here is a discussion from where you can benefit...

Most likely the person got the emulator from a shady site or has extremely old hardware (>15y).

Back when I used Windows, I used to use NoxPlayer and if memory serves I got an offer for a suspicious product and I declined, the person might have blindly clicked accept.

Also let's see what others have to say.

I am leaning towards grouping all ad-supported emulators together under a virus warning. Ad supported software is a path for malicious content.

Also, we need a MIT emulator distro lacking any Companion, to de-couple the Companion and emulator.

Regarding aistarter, this is how it's supposed to work:

Sometimes this happens:

Or this

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you are falsifying what I wrote.
I wrote that you came in and suggested programs that one, naively, I hastened to pass on to the PC. And this malware hooked me without even asking for an antivirus.
I threw it away, I removed that app you suggested, I went to throw away this antivirus too and it wouldn't come out of my machine, until after some effort I threw it away.

we are trying to prevent what you said from happening from this topic.

Tell us what you did so others can learn

The malware must be armored, we need to discuss this with the devs so this does not happen again. I assure you everything will be normal. Now are you able to do everything normally?

My mistake, I misunderstood you that time then...

No ads with Genymotion or Androidx86....

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Exactly, so no need to worry about anything...

Just be careful next time :slight_smile:

Also I thought you blamed me because I didn't know that the malware could pass through w/o antivirus and these emulators were in the FAQ list. Rookie mistake indeed.

I have grouped ad supported emulators together under a warning header in

Have I missed any?

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LDPlayer is the only one needed, thats it, nothing else missed.