Is there a new emulator

Hey just read a post about some new emulator running android 8 that is available for beta testing is that true where can i download is it being developed there is also a download link provided of setup tools nightly build but it was last edited 2019
P:S the link is at When will the new emulator be available?

??? what is that

oh but why is it updated in 2019 is it stopped or what

Because MIT has not continued development of this experimental emulator.
Be aware, the 'new' emulator has a few bugs or quirks you will have to deal with as it is not complete. MIT has not updated the 'new' emulator since Evan posted it. :frowning:

you might want to try Genymotion...
see the FAQ


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That's because Evan is very busy :grinning:. We did get the iOS version out as it was a higher priority for us, so that does alleviate some of the pressure. Just remember that we have a lot going on with App Inventor development and we are a small team (4) that run a project used by a million people a year. That gives us about 2 minutes per user per year for support if we don't do anything except work on App Inventor.


Wow. Thank you guys / gals.

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