MIT AI2 Companion: NW.js + ARChon + Emulator.apk [windows]

NW.js: Downloads


Emulator - Google Drive

nwjs f0
nwjs f1
nwjs f2


@echo off
cd %~dp0
start nw.exe --load-extension=%~dp0ARChon --user-data-dir=%~dp0user_data --ignore-gpu-blacklist %~dp0AI2Companion

run AI2Companion.bat

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Can MIT’s Companion.apk or Emulator.apk distribution be used directly with this setup, or does the .apk need to be post-processed first with ARChon tools?

is that App Inventor companion apk?
and i get error saying "Launch the aiStarter program on your computer and then try again." when i click usb under connect

MIT’s Emulator.apk need aiStarter. apk Built-in, without aiStarter.

edit appinventor-sources\appinventor\components\src\com\google\appinventor\components\runtime\ (35.7 KB)

appinventor-sources\appinventor\components\src\com\google\appinventor\components\runtime\util\ (17.8 KB)

Build Emulator.apk

ant clean
ant PlayApp
ant Emulator

is this still working