FAQ Section: Google Sheets

AI2 Google Sheets Component

AI2 Spreadsheet component help page - MIT

Creating a Credential for Google Sheets - @Gordon_Lu

Google link to service account creation May 2023

Peek inside a Service Account .json file - ABG

Error reading credentials from stream, 'type' field no specified

How To

HowTO: Log DateTime Values - PU discussions

HOWTO: Get A Range from a Google Sheet - TimAI2

(Also see Web Services section of FAQ)

Google Sheets compendium - SteveJG

Export CSV data to Google Sheet - TimAI2

Google Sheets Create/Read/Update/Delete(CRUD) version II - TimAI2

Long Polling / Data Changed Event for Google Sheets - TimAI2

Google SpreadSheets Extension - Fastest and Alternative Database [Updated-v2] [Extension] [PAID] - JEWEL

Login and Register with Google Sheets & Apps Script - TIMAI2/HK

Gviz Access

Google Sheets SELECT with GViz, no JavaScript, CSV, JSON, HTML output - TimAI2

Populating Dependent Spinners from Google Sheets Using gviz - TimAI2

gviz requires type consistency by column - @TimAI2

Open Issues

AI2 Sheets component needs .json file for range queries, contrary to docs

Solved issues in nb191

GotFilteredResult row numbers start at 0, should be 1 - @ABG

ClearRange does not call FinishedClearRange on completion - @bryon

WriteCell of text JOIN causes 400 Bad Request error - @Juan_Antonio, @ewpatton

AddRow to empty sheet: Attempt to invoke interface method int java.util.List.size() on a null object reference - @TimAI2