Package tracking

Hello, I am having a hard time understanding how to make a mobile application for package tracking. For example, I order something from a certain company and I want to see where the package is. Can you help me out how to make the app?
Thank you!

Most package mailing companies have a website feature that tracks your packages with a tracking number. Some examples are FedEx and USPS and UPS. that have web pages were you can track your packages if you have a tracking number.

Visit the web site of the courier you used to send you package and enter your tracking number. Can you do this automatically? Possibly if you use the courier's api (if it has one)

For ups UPS Developer Portal

You probably can use a Web control to access the api's

Yes, I am aware of those, I am just trying to do a project for school which is to make a program that tracks packages. And I can't figure out how to make that program.

If it's for school, that relaxes a lot of real world problems.

You can do this with this table:

  • package status
    • unique package number from scan code
    • Sender (Walmart/Amazon/...)
    • Shipping Company (UPS/Fedex/USPS/...)
    • package weight in lbs
    • Recipient email address
    • Recipient address
    • delivery status (not yet shipped/shipped/out for delivery/delivered)
    • datetime of latest update

This should get you started.