Mysql in MIT App Inventor

Hello everyone.
I have a big application in my Linux computer. It uses Mysql as my storage media.
What i want to do is the following:
1.- To convert 2 tables(files) from Mysql to Sqlite and create an app with these 2 tables.
2.- Once i did the step #1, i will need to update my info every week or twice a week in MIT App Inventor.
Is this posible?
Do i need an extension?
Any help is welcome.
Thank you.


Should be just a case of export as csv / import as csv ?

If doing the import in AI2, you will probably need to loop over the csv and add a row at a time to the table in sqlite (using an extension), or run updates to specific rows, having extracted changed rows from the mysql table.

For updating your data, consider storing it online in a couple of Google Sheets.

Prepare a sqlite database which already contains these 2 tables and import the database on first run of the app, see my sqlite extension here App Inventor Extensions: SQlite | Pura Vida Apps, which is able to import databases
Note: there are also other sqlite extensions around
Links to tools to prepare the sqlite database you also can find on my webpage

Yes of course... you can follow the export csv option mentioned by @TIMAI2 or alternatively connect your app directly with the MySQL database to download the data, see also App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps


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