FAQ Section: Google Sheets

AI2 Google Sheets Component

AI2 Spreadsheet component help page - MIT

Google link to service account creation May 2023

Peek inside a Service Account .json file - ABG

Error reading credentials from stream, 'type' field no specified

How To

HowTO: Log DateTime Values - PU discussions

HOWTO: Get A Range from a Google Sheet - TimAI2

(Also see Web Services section of FAQ)

Google Sheets compendium - SteveJG

Export CSV data to Google Sheet - TimAI2

Google Sheets Create/Read/Update/Delete(CRUD) version II - TimAI2

Long Polling / Data Changed Event for Google Sheets - TimAI2

Google SpreadSheets Extension - Fastest and Alternative Database [Updated-v2] [Extension] [PAID] - JEWEL

Login and Register with Google Sheets & Apps Script - TIMAI2/HK

Gviz Access

Google Sheets SELECT with GViz, no JavaScript, CSV, JSON, HTML output - TimAI2

Populating Dependent Spinners from Google Sheets Using gviz - TimAI2

*Obsolete - Already in Production - Want to test the upcoming MIT Google Sheets Component? - Susan Lane et al

Open Issues

AI2 Sheets component needs .json file for range queries, contrary to docs

Feature Requests

Add Sheet Block - @Ultra8G

Solved issues in nb191

GotFilteredResult row numbers start at 0, should be 1 - @ABG

ClearRange does not call FinishedClearRange on completion - @bryon

WriteCell of text JOIN causes 400 Bad Request error - @Juan_Antonio, @ewpatton

AddRow to empty sheet: Attempt to invoke interface method int java.util.List.size() on a null object reference - @TimAI2

Google Sheets data to MIT App Inventor
Get a value in row, like vlookup
Qrcode scanning
How to integrate data from CVS in the app
Send report of a list of checkboxes
Write Data to sheets
[Paid] Google Spreadsheets Extension - Free & Fastest Database {Script-Less} (7.0.1)
Forum feature and external code
How to decide which column of the data as keyword to pair
Which Database?
Perform a search from my app in a list of name in Excel and update
Envio de datos por medio de google forms
Collect and sort scores with the same email address in the list
Listview clicking
App Inventor Capabilities(Is it possible to make an app to find out if gas stations are open and have gas using App Iinventor?)
Please Help About Scan QR for Attendance
List that doesnt add any duplicate items
Please help with line chart
Logs directory, search and category
Google Sheet write cell with \n
Update news section without reinstall the app
Guys can you help me create a blocks to send the data from this boxes to spreadsheet(sorry for the design)
Simple update google sheet data
Automatic Timetable maker for school
Barcode reader with app inventor
HELP: Quiz with 3 possible answers using a csv document
How do you get the Java code of our projects?
Working with tables with tableview, where to store data in order to share data with a pc
Testers Wanted: Google Sheets component
Spreadsheet readrange than addrow
Testers Wanted: Google Sheets component
Cara input data dengan gviz
The new spreadsheet update on AI2 doesn't work for me
Google Sheets call back issue
How can i get a Feedback from sheets
Spinner dependent dropdown list
Referral option
Error 400 usando formulario google con inventor 2
Cloud DB is not saving any info
Create shifts App
How do you make a record data app?
Built In Google Sheets Component for App Inventor
Writing to a Gsheet
Google sheet data sort
Dictionary error "not a well-formed list"
How do I save table to excel files?
Get Correct Index from Listview Selection after Filtering
How do I take data from Excel format (XLSX) but this XLSX is included in App(Apk). So when App is installed, the XLSX is automatically put in the storage phone too?
How do I upload image to google drive then send link into the google sheet?
How can I save data from Arduino using Bluetooth directly to a database?
["<!DOCTYPE"] error shows when i run my application
Row and Columns
Cannot parse text argument to "list from csv table" as a CSV-formatted table
Get range from Google sheet to populate spinner elements
Cloud db probolem (using LocationService extension in the background)
Listpicker google sheets
List with Tags?
How can i list all files in google drive folder?
Connecting to google sheets
Built In Google Sheets Component for App Inventor
Button click to show sheet data
[Paid] Google Spreadsheets Extension - Free & Fastest Database {Script-Less} (7.0.1)
Need to update, edit, delete google sheet record
Cloud dB limit and app inventor account after not using
How do I Display Online Users Without Firebase?
Google sheet data read
:green_square: Long Polling / Data Changed Event for Google Sheets
:green_square: Use gviz to get and query google sheet data
Google sheets list
Need help with split items from list and merge them in another list
Issue with lists
How do I Select Data from Google Sheets?
Get a cell value from google sheet
Error from Companion: error: undefined variable. (irritants: yail/com.google.appinventor.components.runtime.Spreadsheet)
:green_square: Google Sheet - CRUDQII - create/read/update/delete/query - using google web app
Built In Google Sheets Component for App Inventor
Help ! Tiny DB with Google sheet
How to use the built in spreadsheets component
Login spreadsheet by webviewer
Como puedo llamar datos(Folio) a un campo de texto en app inventor (How do I generate a folio number in the app and that it can be consecutive)
Google Sheets Components on Test Server
How to make an app in which if the user submits an task and if the task submitted is correct they will be rewarded with some coins in the app
:green_square: HOWTO: Get A Range from a Google Sheet
Auto Increment numbers
Sqlite for multiple users app
How to use the same button several times
Need Help with a simple App
Convert list into multiple lists starting with letter
Built In Google Sheets Component for App Inventor
Ayuda con una App
Login page using google sheets
Mysql database access
My update my app is not working so do we have to coding in google sheet for that
When I send data with spreadsheet write cell, I get the error shown in the picture. why? What can I do? thanks
How do I make changes on live?
Mysql in MIT App Inventor
Ayuda con una app de subida de documentos de excel y compartir despues con otros usuarios
Update or Modify Entry
How do you open a csv file in excel or sheets app from my mit app?
outdated? /googlesheets-api-setup.html
Create calendar
Logging Marathon Runner Checkpoints in Google Sheets
Package tracking
Can't access to Google Sheet2 tab (sheetName)
How do you ensure google sheet receive data?
Sheets Write value on the corresponding line
Hi I need to know how can I connect my app in app inventor with Data Base in Excel, also with a loging in mi own app. Someone could help me?
Tengo problemas para enviar datos a una hoja de googlesheets (I'm having trouble sending data to a google sheets sheet)
Creating a simple inventory List and having the List with the qty shared via social
Select specific data from CSV file based on today's current date
How can I update listpicker elements in real time?
Can you write all the data in a ListView to a Google Sheet?
Wish to create an app that will open only if users enter 'unique code'?
I need to learn how to build normal apps
Spreadsheet Setup
Spreadsheet Setup
Send data to google sheets with empty columns
Add spreadsheet row data to labels
Using an inputted file (Excel help)