Timer for recipe

hii im currently making an app for a inputting recipe and when there the recipe says to cook smth for a certain time, a timer appears and times the number of minutes written in the recipe when the button is pressed. May I ask how I can make it. (it would be easier for me to understand by blocks) thank you very much!!

Do a search for countdown here in the community, see also thomis example App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Countdown | Pura Vida Apps


For this app, you will need to use dictionaries and lists to represent recipes, the ingredients in them, and the cooking steps (operation, heat settings, timer settings, utensils, ingredients for this step.)

You would reuse the same Labels and Buttons for timer control each step.
Depending on whether or not this step needs a timer ("Pluck the ostrich") vs ("Flambe the beak at 500 degrees for 3 minutes") show or hide the button that loads and starts the countdown.

You would also need the Web component to turn JSON text into dictionaries,
and the File component to load your cookbooks from the Media folder.

Hello I am still not sure with what I need to do. How can I use the dictionaries in my case? sorry for bringing inconveniences. Thank you very much!

Here is an easy recipe format for you.

Start a Google Sheet with three columns:

  • recipe name ("goose pie") (repeat across several rows for multi-step recipes)
  • step within recipe ("Step 1: Catch a goose")
  • Timer in minutes (0 if none needed)

A 10 step recipe will need 10 rows.

You can type recipes directly into the sheet, outside the app.

Load the table at app start.