Setting Clock Block to open new screen each day

I have a question, and I hope it comes across the way I am imagining it.
Is there a way to set a NEW screen to open depending on the day that it is opened? This will illustrate what I mean...

When someone opens up the app on DAY 1 (after they download it), it will show a message. I want them to get the message for DAY 2 on the second day they open the app, etc.

Is there a way to make this happen?

You can do this by reusing the same screen against new Label contents.

Can you set up a spreadsheet of dates and messages?

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I can! I have them all listed out in a spreadsheet already, simply to prevent duplication.

Thank you so much!! This will help a lot! I appreciate it.

I have a follow up question... I now have it set up to pull the information from the Google Sheet. I can see all of the data when it pulls over into the app. I seem to still be confused on which blocks to use to indicate pulling of a NEW Day's message after midnight, after the button is pushed. I followed all of the links you posted and they were all helpful in setting up the spreadsheet data process, but this part is still a bit hazy.

Look in the Sensors Drawer in the Designer for the Clock component.

You can use it to get today's date and format it to match whatever format you used in your table of messages.

If you got a complete download of the table, you can use the lookup in pairs block from the List Blocks pallette with it.

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