How Can I Add A New Character to Beginning And End Of The Word After User Input

Hi Everyone. I tried a tired :frowning:
I want to put an automatic character at the beginning and at the end of the data entered into the textbox, also i want to copy the new data and paste it into another textbox.

For example my data is TEL which is in textbox, i want to convert this word to 'TEL' and i will paste this to another textbox. I want to make google sheets query, i will use this technic for google sheets query, I dont want to write SQL commands to textbo as SELECT * WHERE A CONTAINS 'TEL' ..

Or is there any solve to my problem ? Please help my problem.

You know there's a Spreadsheet component that can read and update Google Sheets, right?



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I can read data, but i dont want to write query textbox to all SQL Commands. User will write only for example CARL , and background query will sort in TEL column and will get the all CARL s TEL number. And sorry i dont know Spreadsheets component.. really sorry. I will try with your solution. Thanks a lot ABG.

like this:


If you are committed to SQL, check out the gviz posts in the Sheets FAQ.

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Thanks a lot Kevinkun. Your block diagram works perfectly :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer dear ABG. :slight_smile: