Why web viewer wont show google form links?

Thanks, for your suggestion "You could, for example, ask the user to type in the data, then generate a qrcode on the fly, (or just press a button) which could then directly submit the google form, without having to open the google form at all." One day i will learn it.

Sorry not explaining the work flow. So this app will be call merit scanner. Each pupils in a classroom, 19 of them, will have a qrcode that show their name. So for example if i want to add merits to pupils in science subject, i will open the app, scan the qrcode to the link of science subject google form, and then fill the only 1 question with their name, it will fill in by scanning the pupils qrcode, then i submit, then resubmit another response with the other pupils name. I know its not the best way. But i want to learn to code that first..

A list of subjects, a list of names, select one from each, submit programmatically to google form, and then onto a spreadsheet. Saves having to create and maintain all the qrcodes.

about 10 teachers will use this app on their phone scanning the same class based on the teachers subject, so 1 subject 1 spreadsheet.
its really similar as the teacher open the subject's google form and submitting 1 name each time, so rather typing the link and student name, they scan link and scan name, then submit.

but if u do want to teach me a long the way with your suggestion on app code, qrcode and spreasheet im happy to learn it.

Sounds like you need to record the teacher's name as well.

Each teacher could have their name and subject preselected in their app, thus only needing to select a student's name and submit.

I can mock you up an example.

Spreadsheet example record entry:

timestamp, student, subject, teacher

do i start by making the spreadsheet or the google form with that 4 entry?
correct me if im wrong.

You know you can update a Google Sheet without using a form, right?

so in my case i just make the google sheet first? no need for the google form right?

True, but using a google form means you can, if you wish, keep the google spreadsheet restricted whilst still adding data.

However, if you use a service account with the spreadsheet component, you can do much the same.

Also, have you decided yet if you are going to work inside your organisation's Google workspace? Can an admin give external access to the sheet (and form if used) so that the appinventor app can use it?

i wont use the workspace. keeping it simple

Here is a simple example, using a form and spreadsheet, it is live so you should be able to test:

meritRecords.aia (5.6 KB)



I haven't handled default teacher or subject.

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i tried with spreadsheet n form that i make myself, i manage to record the submitted answer to my google form, but the info in the spreadsheet not showing in the app and data recorded. maybe i put the link in the wrong place of the code. here i provided my drive folder so you can put it there.

Put what there ?

Have you pointed the google form responses to your spreadsheet correctly ?

drive to put the spreadsheet file and form file so i can edit in the future,

i havent pointed the google responses to the spreadsheet. i dont know how.

When you have the google form open in edit mode, click on Responses and select your google sheet from the top right of the display.

Note the order of the worksheets in the spreadsheet, it is important that the spinner data is the first worksheet.

My example is just that, and example. I provided links so you could see how it works. You need to create your own google sheet and data.

does the form link to the spinner spreadsheet? or create a new spreadsheet?

and in the code which part do i put my form link?

You can do either. I just used the spinnerData spreadsheet for both

I meant to split up the form url so you could see how it is constructed:


so does response spreadsheet be different or same with the spinner spreadsheet?

how to get the entry code?

You can use two separate spreadsheets or just the one

You generate a prefilled form url


nice, i finally get my form to be fill in with the spinner data. my next question are

  1. you say i can use two separate spreadsheet or just one. so in your example does it using 1 or separate spreadsheet?