Built In Google Sheets Component for App Inventor

When I try to compile the app, it gives an error!
"The build failed! Connection refused"

Does anyone know why or how to help?

Which server are you using?
I hope not one of the test servers.

oh no..
I'm using http://sheets-dot-ai2-ewpatton-temp.uc.r.appspot.com/

You're at MIT's mercy, unless you can export your .aia and move to one of the regular servers.

I already tried this at http://ai2.appinventor.mit.edu but I get the message that the Google Sheets component could not be found while loading the project.

There are alternative ways to use Google Sheets at

if you can migrate the remainder of your app.

I have no forecasts on when MIT will implement this block type.

I hope it will be implemented soon, but let's wait.
In the meantime, I will test your suggestions, thanks.

Hi, I would love to try out the use of google sheets in the PizzaParty app to get started with using google sheets in apps. I found the tutorial very clear - thank you! I am using the test server http://sheets-dot-ai2-ewpatton-temp.uc.r.appspot.com and have issues with connecting to the companion. I downloaded from the companion from the code given under "help" - " Companion Information" on this test server, I get the message " MIT A12 Companion has stopped". Any advise ? Or is there a way to run the emulator on the test version? ( I tested and can run the "published" version of the companion - but that does not link to an app made on the test version.) any advise is welcome!

Wandering onto a closed construction site is risky.
While we wait for announcement by MIT as to the disposition of the Tommy Heng blocks,
consider using the Google Script control technique described by @TimAI2 at

That approach has the advantage of not requiring special servers or Companion versions, at the expense of learning to do some scripting.

Regarding your data structure and sheet design, I have a sample for a Pizza Store further up in this thread, using the app name APizzaSheet (pun intended.)

Dealing with multiple Companion versions is easier if you use alternative emulators.

When will the next update with this be released? I'm trying to build an app for a project, and this would be an immense help! Is there any way to get the not complete version as an extension into the official App Inventor?

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Welcome cweditor

Sorry, there is no way to provide you an early copy of the App Inventor tool that is in development. The tool is NOT an extension; it is an App Inventor 2 component so no extension. The tool will be part of a component release of AI when it is available. When? When the bugs are out of the tool. It may be a few months or more in the future.

In the meanwhile, use the api as described below. This works as well as the tool in testing for most people.

You might want to re-read the information posted earlier in this thread.

Where is the extension download link?

What extension?

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this thread is about the new Google Sheets component, which still is not released into production


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When will this component be available on regular server ?

not find Google Sheets Component for mit App Inventor

The link to the test server is in the first post.

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Google Sheets Component java file share please sir

Why? The component is still not released so maybe there are changes to be made.

please sir coming soon update the Google Sheets Component add-in builder