Make an order menu for the restaurant?

I couldn't find my mistake

Is there an error in my script?

Your blocks and script do not appear to be related to each other in any way, consequently they will not work together.

Suggest you start again and try this:

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It was playing before I added "e.parameter.sheet" to my script.
I quoted from your code because I couldn't select a page.

Still doesn't make sense. Your blocks show you sending the SheetID, but then you have it hard coded, in two places ?

What are you trying to do, simply read the spreadsheet and return all the values ?

If so, what does this have to do with this topic ?

I'm trying to make an order menu for the restaurant.
soups, drinks, desserts etc. It has pages.

Moved to new topic.

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Perhaps start from the beginning.

What will it look like?
What items do you need to store on a google sheet (and why) ?

A discussion of a similar app

Is it that difficult to select a page from the application and get the data on the selected page? I couldn't manage it.

No, you make it that difficult by not using the correct blocks or a working script.

You might try the Spreadsheet component?