[Paid] Google Spreadsheets Extension - Free & Fastest Database {Script-Less} (7.0.1)

Dear @TIMAI2, now I have added App Inventor blocks, please return it into list. :pray:

Different purchase plans need a better explanation.

  • Is the "Lite" plan for one project at a time or just one project total?
  • What are the "limitations?"
  • How are the "speeds" of different editions controlled?

Dear @Harry_Mangurian, I have explained every plan in main topic.

Lite Edition - Premium speed but You can use this only in one of your project. (Recommend for lower end budget users)

Please look at my questions on your definitions. Limitations ???, how is speed throttled ???,

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All that this extension does can be done with google script and blocks as well. See @TIMAI2 tutorials.


Yea I have the same question. Every time most of the extensions to request to any servers/scripts which could be done without any extension. Also how do you calculate the speed in you're extension? Is it like made slower to low-end versions? And what does alternative database mean?

Dear @Kumaraswamy, I know that some extension doing just api call and it's can be done without extension. But this extension just not like api call, many other thinks done here, what you can't do without coding. And I have manage speed by my hosting. This is my business.

If you think, it can be done without extension, but you can't. And I'm not forcing anyone to buy it.

But I thought about our users and make different price plan with different qualities.

(Thank you)

Dear @Jewel,

The extension will help those who don't work scripts and all things. I know some features in extension cannot be done from Ai2 or blocks but most of the functionality is possible. If I send a request to the script, the time it takes sometimes depend on the network too. But how is the speed determined in you're extension? I really want to know :slightly_frowning_face:.

This extension is script-less to provide your faster experience.


Feb 21
I Paid $52.99 for the speedster edition plus another $50 because I felt like I might be asking for more help than usual.

Feb 24
I got aia by email

feb 28th

Now I've been ghosted. no replies for a week.

I don't expect anyone here works for me, but if you offer your support for a price and I pay double, you could take a few minutes to share your knowledge.

5 minute of your time probably saves me 5 hours. my gratitude is green.


Community Mods are aware and working on this too


the extension does not work 100%, i send several whatsapp messages.
i paid 25$ make sure it works or fund back please.
Also on GITHUB there are no valid documentation and no scriptless working

You can do all/most of the works just by using mit app default spreadsheet component....

Hello dear @benoit_deguffroy, can you show your blocks? So I can findout your problems.

i removed the extension out of my project because i can't make a apk which i can use on other devices. Did you finished the video yet ?

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can you please explain how change cell value ? i can not make it work with addon i bought from you for 25 dollar