How can I save data from Arduino using Bluetooth directly to a database?

I already read up and tested the whole Bluetooth connection to Arduino to the app and all that. Just want to know if there is a way to save the data that am receiving from Bluetooth and save it directly into a database then populate it as a table later on. Any help and or suggestion would do.

Hello Conrod

This code snippet might help you:

The best method would be to connect the arduino to the internet. Then you could save data all the time without android help. The android app could only be used to read the saved data.

What about using TinyDb is there a way to save it directly through the app

Well, if you want to use TinyDB, you can do it. Thought you wanted to use some external database. You just have to remember that the phone screen must be on all the time for your app to work and read data from arduino.

Noted, and no external database will be necessary.
Essentially, I'll need to receive data from the arduino via bluetooth (HC-05), plot that data in real time on a line graph and then store that data so it can be viewed at a later time.
How can I go about doing this?