How can I update listpicker elements in real time?

hello, I'm making an app where I want to upload, delete and see some random numbers that I input, these number go to a google sheet, the uploading works just fine but I got stuck in the part where I want to delete a value, because the listpicker doesn't show the newly added numbers from the google sheet file, I want to know if there is any mode to "refresh" the listpicker elements so I can get the new values, I tried the new screen method but it doesn't work, I tried the timer one where the web keeps reloading every 1000ms but nothing, please help
here are my blocks

I convert the google sheets in csv and make it a list

I do not see where you set the listpicker elements ?

However, to update the elements "in real time" you will have to reload the listpicker with the latest elements list. The listpicker may not be the best component for this, you might might want to use the listview instead?

Are you the only person updating the sheet?

If so, could you get feedback with row IDs from the update process to grow your Elements list?

Read up on the AI2 Spreadsheet component.

sorry, I forgot to put back the previous blocks the see and delete listpicker gets the listpickerlist value in the cycle of obtaining it, and later I will try with list view then

okay I will read it
and yes I'm the only person
and can you show me how to get rows id, is there any tutorial on youtube or some website?



The callback event for the AddRow block, called once the values on the table have been updated. Additionally, this returns the row number for the new row.