FAQ Section: Charts and Graphs

AI2 Charts Component

AI2 Charts Component Help - MIT Oct 2022

AI2 Charts Usage Guide - @elatoskinas

Charting CSV Data by DateTime in the AI2 DataFile component - ABG

Charting from TinyDB by Date - ABG

Realtime Chart sample - @Kevinkun

Charting from ESP32 via Bluetooth - @Patryk_F

Javascript based

Chart..js examples / Spanish / Juan Antonio

How to generate an animated Pie Chart using the Chart.js library

Gauge Charts

Plotly JS file to display real time data - Giriraj Pawar

Highcharts Setup on AI2

Charting Extensions

ChartMaker Extension - Kager & Manning

ChartMaker extension decoded - TimAI2

[Free] ChartMakerPlus - an extension to make google charts - TimAI2

Dynamic Graph Extension - Juan_Antonio

Chartmaker Extension - Two Line Charts

Blocks based on Canvas

Donut/Pie/Radar graphs - Alejo Arué Ocampo

Dynamic graph, sinusoidal wave, shift left graph - Juan Antonio

Line Graphs using Blocks - Ryan Cheung

Plotting sin, cos, tan - Scott Ferguson

Scrolling graph - Martyn_HK

Scrolling Graph of potentiometer via BlueTooth - kio4.com

Torus charts using Draw Arc block - TimAI2

Google Script Based Charts

Google Sheet Pie Chart Image - TimAI2

Google Charts

Sankey Diagram in Google Charts from a Google Sheet - @manyone

Web Service Chart APIs

Create bar or line charts without any extensions, with the QuickChart API - Gordon_Lu


Dynamic table layout with any number of rows and columns including table listpicker - Taifun