Storing result in TinyDB and using its data for bar chart

Hello everyone. New to AI2. I just managed to build a "calculator". The rusult is displayed in a label so I think it is considered a string. The possible results are limited (0 to 25, integers). I would like to know how I can store each single result in TinyDB and be able to view the data in a bar chart. What I want to achieve is to have every possible result along the X axis and the occurrences for each result along the Y axis. Basically after each result it should increment by 1 the occurences of that result.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello ABG, I don't understand how to do this: for example, if the result given by the calculator is 25, and the values are x=25, y=1, I want the y value to become 2, and next time I get another result of 25 then y=2+1 and so on.

I have been trying to read your suggestions and played around with them, but I don't seem to understand the logic of some blocks.

Thanks in advance if you reply again.

Something like this?

For a google chart, you will want your count items to be strings, and your calculator outputs to be numbers.

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I missed the part where you want to flip x and y.

Most people add 1 to x.

Now I reread the original post, and wonder if you are looking for a histogram?

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Yes, a histogram. I wasn't clear enough.

You would need to roll your own html/chart:

Here's an implementation using the AI2 Charts component with a TinyDB data source:

Sample run:
Sample  run

histogram.aia (3.1 KB)




A constant TinyDB tag:

Clear Button:

Fill Button:

Log procedure:

Note that I took advantage of the integer domain to translate randoms to values within AI2 index range (minimum 1).

The while loop to extend the bucket list all the way is a little wasteful of cpu, but what's a little cpu among friends?