How do I chart with the data in TinyDB?

Data received from the sensor was received over time and stored in TinyDB.
In order to draw a chart, I want to create and store the x-coordinate as a variable called times and express the y-coordinate as the value received from the sensor. Press the button to draw the chart, but it initializes as you exit the screen. How do I express the x-coordinates in time, the y-coordinates in weight, and let the charts be saved even when they leave the screen?


See the first 4 links.

This is how I understood saving data through tags. But the image above seems to be in the form of putting values in advance, so how do I divide the data I'll input separately every time I press the button?

Import from List is working,
but import from tinydb NOT working:

for now, you can do like this, if you want to store the data in tinydb

The Tool Tip for that block is unhelpfully truncated. @Susan_Lane

I got monitored TinyDB change triggers to work:

charts_TinyDB.aia (1.9 KB)

I am unsure whether my Fill Parent settings for the Chart component were necessary, or if it was my repeatedly changing the TinyDB tag/value that triggered the chart redraw.

Confirmed, this block does not work with any combination of lists, tables, or csv as input.

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The truncated text is 'importFromList.'

Right click in the block, open help, you will see the complete tooltip.

Thanks for the reminder.

Apparently, links break tool tips?


Imports data from the specified TinyDB component by taking the value identified by the specified tag value.

The expected TinyDB value is a list formatted in the same way as described in ImportFromList.

Does not overwrite any data.