Refresh chart with bluetooth

hello i need help for create a chart, i want a charts which refreshes every 5 seconds and which retrieves the information via Bluetooth, is this possible?


I tested it personally on esp32.

what is index used for?

Study the introductory reading to learn about lists and indexes.

The entry list contains the index of a particular entry. I am downloading this index to display it on the chart on the X axis.

everything works but I have another question, in my code I have a bpm() function and I want it to only activate when I click on one button and deactivate when I click on another button, how to do it

Add a global variable called runBpm, this will be your function run flag. Set it globally to the logical value true. In one button it will set it to true, in the other button it will set it to false. In the blocks where you call the bpm function, add the condition: if (runBpm) do bpm()
Now when the runBpm flag is true, the bpm function will execute, and when runBpm is false then it will not execute.

in the code or in app inventor ?

That's how I understood it. I guess you mean a function on the Arduino code side? Then tell us more precisely what you mean so we don't have to guess.

yes sorry, my bad, you know how in the arduino code launch bpm() only when i press a button and she stop when i press an other button ?

The button must send some data that you will receive and recognize in Arduino. Depending on which kaka this will be given, you will run bpm() or not.

ok ty