FAQ Section: Web Services Examples

Bar Code File Generation - Amerkashi

Check Web Connection - Sivagiri, Imagnity, Taifun

Check Web Connection - vknow360

Collect Data via DeviceHub.net API - Timothy Woo

Display a Web Page with a button click

Facebook Login Extension - mirxtrem_apps

Firebase: with the Web Component - Secure Rules - TimAI2

Google Analytics

Google Apps Script via V8-Engine Extension - cttricks

Google Books API- JSOn - Sajal Dutta

Google Calendar API tutorial by Phantomfoot thread

Google Calendar API via Google apps script - TIMAI2

Google Drive CSV FIle Single Download - TimAI2

Google Drive .mp3 files into Player - TIMAI2

Google Drive (TIMAI2)

Google Drive Sync to AI2 - TimAI2

Google Drive (Taifun)

Google Earth from KML using Activity Starter

Google Forms (Sheets) - Taifun

Google Maps with Markers (Discussion)

How to upload a file into your Dropbox - Taifun

Installing your own TinyWebDB

Kodi.tv JSON parsing

MQTT IoT Mosquitto - Dave St Aubin

MySQL Interface - Taifun

Node.js MySQL (MariaDB). Web server in PC. Insert. Update. Delete. Select - Juan_Antonio

OAUTH Login - Taifun


Openweathermap and BlueTooth Ltd Control - Kon

Parse a piece of html - Taifun

Paypal - Peep Prants

Post European Characters to Google Sheet

Pubnub interface chat example

Reverse Geocoding with locationIQ - dora_paz

Rotten Tomatoes (TM) API example (Steve Zipprich)

RSS FeedMe from lost tair site - Taifun

Skype calling - Taifun

SOAP - S4nd33p, Taifun

Thingspeak - Sunak 2014

ThingSpeak extension - Andre Castro 2019

Web Server extension - Juan Antonio

WhatsApp Messaging - Taifun, Vickylives

XML Parsing

Yelp - TimAI

Get Data from Raspbery Pi (TIMAI2)

Insert new post in blogspot
Converting JavaScript list to a list
How to send specific message to a specific number with Whatsapp and AI extension?
MIT APP inventor and soap
Net : Get some information about network
Can I make an application from a website using your constructor?
Google analytics with my app
:fire: Firebase Database and Storage: with the Web Component - Secure Rules
Switching screens to add items
:blue_square: Sync AI2 Folder to Google Drive Folder
How can I put my words of datepicker's picked-day into Google calendar's?
How can I put my words of datepicker's picked-day into Google calendar's?
How to use Google's Automl Vision APIs in AppInventor
Gonative.io functionality
To extract a list item when the item INDEX may vary
How does the Block code tie to the code created in Arduino
App Inventor Http Get Request Not Working
APIs with AppInventor Apps
Error on Amazon api
BLE GATT characteristic parsing
V8-Engine | Google Apps Script
Getting address from self-defined latitude and logitude with location service and MIT App map?
MIT Ai2 crashing
Where can I find tutorial for Advanced component/blocks in MIT AI2
MQTT and Firebase Connection with App Inventor
Project Question
Cannot parse text argument to "list from csv table" as a CSV-formatted table
Node.js MySQL (MariaDB). Web server in PC. Insert. Update. Delete. Select
Post get delete mongodb
Post get delete mongodb
How do you connect open trivia api with mit app inventor
How to read a csv from googledrive
Creating a MCQ quiz with Web service