FAQ Section: Web Services Examples

Bar Code File Generation - Amerkashi

Check Web Connection - Sivagiri, Imagnity, Taifun

Check Web Connection - vknow360

Collect Data via DeviceHub.net API - Timothy Woo

Display a Web Page with a button click

Facebook Login Extension - mirxtrem_apps

Google Analytics

Google Books API- JSOn - Sajal Dutta

Google Calendar API tutorial by Phantomfoot thread

Google Drive .mp3 files into Player - TimAI2

Google Drive (Carter)

Google Drive (Taifun)

Google Earth from KML using Activity Starter

Google Forms (Sheets) - Taifun

Google Game Services Leaderboard/Taifun

Google Maps with Markers (Discussion)

How to upload a file into your Dropbox - Taifun

Installing your own TinyWebDB

Kodi.tv JSON parsing

MQTT IoT Mosquitto - Dave St Aubin

MySQL Interface

OAUTH Login - Taifun


Openweathermap and BlueTooth Ltd Control - Kon

Parse a piece of html - Taifun

Paypal - Peep Prants

Post European Characters to Google Sheet

Pubnub interface chat example

Rotten Tomatoes ™ API example (Steve Zipprich)

RSS FeedMe from lost tair site - Taifun

Skype calling - Taifun

SOAP - S4nd33p, Taifun

Thingspeak - Sunak 2014

ThingSpeak extension - Andre Castro 2019

Web Server extension - Juan Antonio

WhatsApp Messaging - Taifun, Vickylives

XML Parsing