TTS - Text to Speech from Google Cloud

we have a text-to-speech component in ai, but it is limited to a few languages.
I did try lot's of tips from this community to try to get it working with a language like Croatian or Serbian, with the android TTS, but no luck.

So I did search the internet and also this community for a way or an extension on how to use the Google Cloud API Text to speech in MIT AI
but could not find anything.

Yes, we need to pay for using this API and the Google is the cheapest and gives more free usage (the first 4 million characters are free each month) than Amazon or Azure.

Does anyone have any idea how to use Google Text to Speech in our AI projects?

Thanks, Davor

I once tried a text to speech app based on looking up mp3 files from a Google site, word by word.
The site stopped working.

The lookup and queueing design might be similar to what you need to do for your google site.

There are lots of web service examples at

If you get yours working, we would love to add it to the collection.