Can I make an application from a website using your constructor?

Hello everyone, I would like to promote the services of my site not only through the web page, but also through the application. Tell me, for a person who knows how to create websites it will be difficult to work out how to make an application for him? For me, the option would be suitable for the application to open the site frame, for example, the task is not to redo all the logic piece by piece, the main thing is that the application should be in the format for Android or iOS.

Thanks for any answer or opinion.

Consider adding a web Application Program Interface (API) to your web site.
There are web API samples at

Thanks for the answer, but I probably put it wrong or incompletely.

I need a person to be able to enter their personal account not only on the website, but also in the Android/iOS application. All other functionality can be the same as it looks in the phone's browser.

Here's a related topic: and here how site looks like:

For example, you are a user - at the moment you need to go into the browser, enter site into the browser , go to the admin panel and only then the login process begins. I want a person to be able to download the application and click on it to get to the login page, and then everything happened identically to the browser.

We already tried to implement it this way, but as a result, the markup did not look correct, and the screen switching speed was very low.

I hope I made myself clear.
Does anyone have any ideas or experience creating a similar one?

You cannot, yet, create an iOS app with App Inventor.

Thanks for the answer!
In this case, it is clearly not cost-effective ... Can you tell me when such an opportunity is supposed to appear? Or is it still unknown?

There is no set date, MIT developers are working hard on this with limited resources, and the iOS setup is currently being flight tested with Apple. You can monitor progress here:

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Thanks for the information provided, I will be watching the progress.

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