[APP] 🔎 Using the Wikipedia API To Browse Wikipedia Pages!


I do not want to focus on user interface and design, what really matters is the concept behind this app.

This is a sample application for users who want to search webpages in Wikipedia. This might be helpful, with the Google Search tutorial, if you would like to build your own browser. The user will be asked to enter a keyword, and then the application will show a list of relevant Wikipedia searches. The user can either load the webpage into a label, or into a WebViewer.

Note that the application uses 2 web APIs - one to load the result into the label with Wikipedia api with Plain Text Search Results (thank you @SteveJG!), and one I just found myself, which gives me a list of relevant searches and snippets.

Note that the second API returns snippets in HTML format. So, I decided to add a label in HTML format. We put the HTML text into the label, then load the label's text into the ListView, since ListView does not have HTMLFormat.

The aiStarter emulator cannot perform complicated Web get requests, so I suggest you to use a Genymotion emulator, an Android Studio emulator or on an actual phone.


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AIA: Wikipedia.aia (17.3 KB)

APK: Google Drive file.

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It's very nice work @Gordon_Lu !

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Useful app @Gordon_Lu!

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A part of the AIA file is explained as a Guide in my website, if you want to read the concepts, or some additional Behind The Scenes content. Thank you!

EDIT: Added to my website.

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Thank you all for your support in this app. This app was awarded for the most innovative app in March 2022 in the App of the Month competition!



Wow, congratulations @Gordon_Lu !!

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