PROPER way to interface with

i just found out that the easiest way to create a chart in is to build the url string and bread crumbs from the make_a_dictionary and make_a_list blocks already built-in in appinventor!

it's best to show it by example. this block

will create this chart;
that whole block creates this string:

which happens to be a json string and it appears like this in a json beautifier.

which is the structure required by quickchart when you want to build a bar chart:

try changing the chart type from bar to horizontalBar (note spelling!), or line, or pie!

here is the program:
quickchart(1).aia (3.5 KB)

there is a special case for the bar and horizontalBar charts which is called stacked bars. like this:

you can achiieve by adding an options block as shown below:

note: use ths option only when you need to show stacked bars.


Nice work Manyone.

I once created a tutorial with the same API that can handle all parameters without limitations. It also handles pie charts and line graphs.

Also, to get some blocks, please right-click the blocks you want to download as PNG and select "Download Blocks as PNG".

Keep up the good work.

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