How can I use NASA's APIs in my App?

Hi all, could someone help me on how to use these api with mit app inventor? Example I would like to use those of NASA. Thank you very much it is not so much that I use the tool.

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This might get you started. I shows how to use the Wikipedia api. Using NASA api's would be similar.

Try the example, then try one of NASA's api's. If you have trouble, show us what you tried and someone will help :slight_smile:
Be aware NASA api's require an api key. It is free from Nasa for the asking.
Which api are you trying to access?

Here is an example showing how to use the api of the NWS (USA National Weather Service) ☂️ NWS 🌩️ Weather ❄️ App


See the example App "Picture Of The Day" here to get daily at a given time the Astromomic picture of the day by the NASA APOD API



When you get it working, tell us so we can add it to our collection at

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Simplified NASA AOPD api

where Web1.Url is

NASA makes available many other apis that work the same way.

Make it fancy and load on app start:

nasaPictureOfDay.aia (4.2 KB)


(added to aforesaid FAQ)