Project Question

If you don't want combinations of colors in either section, you could just as easily use List Picker, List Views for them, and JOIN the resulting .SelectionIndexes to get a print job number, like red/green ==> 14.

You still haven't told us about print job numbers.

Must they be unique?

Should their values have specific numerical order requirements, like reds should precede greens?

What are they used for? For filing the print job outputs? For sequencing the jobs at the printer?

The print job number is simply there for the user to indicate which print job is being processed.
You can specify a maximum of 10 print jobs that will be processed one after the other.
If these are processed then this should also be displayed at the end.

And what you mean with list picker I do not really understand.

From what you have said so far, you could do a text JOIN of number and number2 to combine them.

So currently it looks like this I just don't quite know which block I have to use now so that when you have made your selection it is added, it would be best if it would do this automatically and then I have to press another button to start the job.

Which Label is supposed to show the combination of the two parts?

Label 4 is currently only there to show me if what I have tested also works later it would be better if this also works via a button so that I can then print the button to start the job.

How were you planning to start a print job from this app?

I wanted to connect the app to the website and the website is then connected to a Siemens 1500.

Currently it looks like this. What I need to get right now is the list with the 10 print jobs.
Are there any possibilities to implement this?

I don't see how you can go further in this project without knowing the web API of the web server.

How are the URLs formatted to deliver the color codes, and how are the responseContents encoded to deliver information from the Web server about its print queue?

The colors have certain values so that a certain number comes out which tells the program in the PLC which part must be pressed together with which part.

See this FAQ for examples of how AI2 can be used to interact with various web services:

Also see

for IOT examples using web traffic.

In each sample, it is critical to have agreement between AI2 and the web server on message formats, responses, and timing.

This thread has nothing.

Are the 10 print jobs submitted from the same phone, or are there multiple phones submitting print jobs?

That makes a critical difference in terms of where the print queue should be stored. For lack of further information, I'm betting on the web server.

No, the number of print jobs is limited by the Siemens PLC, so I don't have to limit the number on the website and on the app.

Yes or no?

Actually, they are not.

so if the print requests are submitted from different phones,
only the web server knows what is on the print queue.

How would you ask the web server to show you the queue?

The web server is connected to a Siemens PLC and the whole thing is controlled via this PLC.

I don't think this project can be done without help from the author of the web server code.

Currently I just need help with displaying on the page when the print job would be printed a list of 10 print jobs.

So now could someone give me a tip on how I can save the summed numbers and display them to me in a list?