Can I do this? Include another websites equipment search in my APP?

Hello and Greeting to all the API2 smarter than me folks. :grin:

I was pondering this Topic Question, I have searched and wasn't able to locate a suitable answer to the question. I have an API2 app I made to Unlock and turn "on and off" some BLE characteristics of this locking device. Works Great , LOVE app inventor so much I've become a disciple :star_struck:. It just works!! took allot of reading and trying but after a year and several revisions, I'm satisfied and it works perfect.

NOW How can I make it better? So there exists a Website that has a "search box and Magnifier button on the "http:\ Page" to click. i.e. You enter a Serial # includes alphas and numeric input click the Magnifier and It spits back some result or "NOTHING found" I want to put that in my screen or add a screen to my app, so that its just a copy or link or embedded or I have NO idea? what.
Can this be Done?
I can expound further if needed.
Thank you and it's AOK for the TLDR's
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Sometimes the web site takes the search box contents and builds a new URL containing the search terms, that you can save as a bookmark in your browser.

From that URL, you can pick out the different parts, to know hoe to build your own URL and skip a step.

Google Search is like that.

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Thankyou , It's funny I was looking at the source for the page and when I copied the link it DID have the SN# in the string. I think you may have it though. Sweet and awesome thanks for the PUSH. :wink:

So I've been lurking and I know You got the creds, so here it is:

I got this locking device for the motion picture Industry, Have pitched it to many manufactures. Got lots of interest, Maybe TOO much. So it breaks down to this " There is millions of dollars of stolen gear every year ", Insurance co's are onboard with my patent pending device. (they are pushing manufactures to include it) The Web site that was/is being discussed is a Stolen Equipment Site. Rental Guard [](
load page , put in "N81350202 (no.1)and hit magnifier(no.2) or enter. It gives back the info or nothing found(no.3) as I said.(I'm certain it's NOT that easy as 1,2,3) I want to just have a LOGO button that opens the test box to enter the Alpha' s and numbers and just indicate if anything was found.
Thanks for whatever knowledge you can drop on this dude. :point_right: :sunglasses:

So here is the type of URL to build by text JOIN:

This is standard WebView or Web component stuff.


Thanks ABG, I'll look it over and I appreciate the guidance, gives me confidents coming from you , " this is the standard WebView or Web component stuff."
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I have permission from the OWNER and Creator. Not to worry.
But thanks for your input.