FAQ Section: Lists


Making Lists (Concepts) - MIT

Lists Chapter from MIT AI2 Online book

Translatable copy of Lists Chapter from MIT AI2 Online book

How to work with Lists - imagnity

MIT AI2 List Blocks Help Page

How to Display a List - MIT

nb191 Advanced list blocks (filter, sort, map, reduce)


(See the nb191 advanced list blocks before copying older sort techniques - ABG)

CSV Table to File and Back

High Score List - ABG

How to create a nested List Picker

How to pick a random item from a list without picking duplicates?

How to shuffle lists - @Saj

How to shuffle lists using the nb191 list blocks - @Kevinkun

Merge sort using blocks - ABG

How to sort lists - Italo

How to Sort Lists - Taifun - WebViewer

Lookup in list of Ranges - Amerkashi

Object Manager extension ($) - Jimdo.com

Pairs Library - Scott F

Sort lists by extension ($) - Jimdo.com

Sort Lists in blocks - Sajal

Sort Tables Ascending/Descending by Column in Blocks - ABG

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Is this level of sorting and retrieval possible in a database accessible in App Inventor?
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