Java.lang.stackoverflowerror problems

im trying to make a database for ski information but i keep getting a java.lang.stackoverflowerror whenever i press the save button, but before any code runs

How do you know this? Is your Save button event empty of blocks ?

Show your relevant blocks please

i hadnt thought of removing all blocks and after quickly testing it, it seems that its in the call add_items block but i still dont know why its happening

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this the call button in full

This is not readable. Click with your right mouse button on an empty space, choose download blocks as .png image and post that image.

What's a global list2, and what business does it have being inside an otherwise well parametrized procedure Add_items?

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

ski_app_prototype.aia (336.0 KB)

This is really difficult, because of my lack of knowing Finnish.
However, I have a few pieces of advice:

  • Do NOT use table arrangements. Use a combination of horizontal and vertical arrangements instead.
  • START SIMPLE, try one function. If it works try the next one.
  • Use a TinyDB to store your data, until it works, then move to CloudDB
  • If you want our help, write the app in English first.
  • Read up on lists!
  • The problem you are having is caused by a really strange use of lists. What is in Mainlist.Elements? It is causing the error. Somehow I think that you are trying to combine two lists by using one list as an element of the second list. Can be, but is porbably not what you want.

I gutted the extensions that were causing the crash.
Follow @Ghica's advice.
ski_app_prototype_ABG.aia (269.8 KB)

You can find extensionless sort techniques at

but first get your list handling working.

Look for the entry 'How to use Lists'

If you are storing a list in CloudDB, the proper default return should be CREATE EMPTY LIST, not blank.