Code explanation

I have a function block that I don't understand what it is for!
Can anyone help me explain?

where did you get this blocks?

I got from a sample project! But they don't explain anything

These are blocks I don't understand what it means and I cut us in a project!

Where can I find descriptions of these function blocks?

...where? There are millions of App Inventor guides out there.


It is explained in the blocks ..

And this is what the else part is doing


Thank you! I didn't notice this!

That bytes received event has a questionable if/then test.

What is the true/false value of a list of numbers?

That's how I convert the value from bytes to decimals

I think it's never going to be false.

The if test should be
If length of list byte values > 3 then...

This is meant to avoid selection of items from short lists.

I just don't understand what they are?

To start learning lists, start at the top of

If you need to learn how bytes and numbers work, see

Thanks for the guide!

Since App Inventor is Scheme under the hood, a list of numbers is true :slight_smile: