Order 3 differents lists, based on 1 of them

Hi everybody, I hope you all be safe in this situation.

I have 3 lists: Names, Subjets and Grades (given as a number), from a school project. Examples attached.

I need to order the 3 of them, based on the grade. Example attached.

I can order grades, using the technique of the attached block, but I can’t made the other lists keep the same order.

Can your give me some advice.


Example Results

You are keeping your data by column, in 3 lists.

To keep the data for each student together, you should keep a table (list of lists)
with one row per student, name in column 1, subject in cloumn 2, score in column 3.

There are several sorting solutions in FAQ Section: Lists
and Merge Sort Block Procedures Library

Thank you ABG, I’ll check it out

Abraham, thank you for your advice, I found the “sort a list using the web viewer” solution of @Taifun, and I succeeded.

However I don’t know how to reconvert the result in the text box (blocks (2)) into a list again, so I can present them is a list view or another option.

Can you give more advice on this issue?


Hi again, I solved it!!!

Thank you very much for your help.


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