FAQ Section: Build Errors

apk Install Errors

Google Play Protect Unsafe App Blocked - @Anke

Build Errors

[PrepareAppIcon] Task errored - @Boban

[PrepareAppIcon] Task errored - @TimAI2

Naming a button 'back' or 'take' causes build errors - @Boban

apkSigner execution failed - SteveJG

Build Server Status - MIT

Build Servers Overview Bar Graph app - ABG

nb184 - Compiling error:

SteveJG's Monster List of Build Errors

Build app QR code regularly stops at 30% compiling part 1

App Inventor is unable to compile this project.” Error may be caused by: → Project in a project (extension) - Anke

Spaces in Project name cause build errors - ewpatton

d8 Errors

DX Errors

RunMultidex ERROR: DX returned an error code (extensions) - @Taifun

RunMultidex ERROR: DX returned an error code (block limit) - @ewpatton

YAIL compiler - AAPT execution failed errors ...

multiple assets with the same name - Boban

'@' in Appname - @Boban

Appname = ???

Quotes in app name - @Boban

Use shorter name for your images and also no extra dot in names - @Boban

Runitime Errors in Built Apps

Runtime error: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘Java .lang.class java.lang.object.getclass()’ on a null object reference


Unable to insert '&' in app name - @Anke