Cannot compile the app, AAPT execution failed

You right! Simple, my .aia very big and I must share a link, and I don't know how right do it!

How big is the .aia file? How many MB is there?

My .aia has got 27,7mb

So at the border. How many screens? And the question is, did you try to remove the icon you added? In the google drive, give permission for the aia file so that anyone who has the link can download.

Yes, I tried to remove the icon it didn't help
Yes, I know 11 screens in the program.
I gave you access to .aia on Google Drive

Probably too big. App Inventor will add another 3.3mb or so when it compiles, taking you over the 30mb limit

I will try to make the program smaller, maybe this is the right decision, thank you!

:pensive:it isn't working!
The program start download on 20% and then everything repeats

Share your aia file on google drive, then someone can take a look

Can I share on Google Drive .zip or only .aia?

You can share either...

can I give you permission to view, or do you need permission to edit?

Permission to view is sufficient for a download


OK, I removed all the music files and the project compiled to an apk for me, so it is either the size of the project, or the fact that you did not have extensions on your audio files.

You also probably do not need all these screens to run this app, a single screen with replaceable component content would suffice.

I will do some more testing.

Can you give me .aia when you finish, because I don't very good understand it

I just compiled your original project to an apk at 27.7mb, so it will compile.

Why not restart your App Inventor load up the project and try to compile again?

I can't compily the program
Can it is because I use an Android Tablet?

If I still can't compile the program, can you send me a .apk by email?